Beloved: Legacy of Slavery

On View | May 24 – June 9
Venue | Mt. Zion AME Church
Address | 5 Glebe Street
Admission | Free

This profound exhibit by South Carolina artist, Mary Burkett, is a collection of portraits, simple pastel drawings of 14 children, each captured in a single moment of time.  Individually, the children are beautiful, and yet tragic in their own way.  The weight in their faces and the burdens on their small shoulders bring to life the story of enslavement and freedom, suffering and redemption.  Eleven of the children were enslaved, and three were not, but practically speaking, they were all trapped in a world that was dominated by color and the accident of birth.  Collectively, they offer a window into the second half of 19th century America and illuminate issues of race that remain relevant more than a century later.