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May 25, 28, June 2, 3, 4 at 7:00pm; May 26, June 5 at 8:00pm; May 29, 31 at 3:00pm; May 30 at 8:30pm The Crucible “A well-maintained lie acts as a truth.” CofC’s Center Stage presents a gripping rendition of Arthur Miller’s American classic, which explores just such a lie, but on a greater […]


May 22, 23 at 7:00pm; May 24 at 6:00pm; May 26 at 5:00pm; May 27 at 8:00pm; May 29 at 8:30pm; May 30 at 5:30pm Bad Dates “And then I realize… that the bug guy is looking kind of good, and the things he’s saying about bugs are really kind of fascinating and it is […]


May 23 at 4:00pm; May 24, June 6 at 8:00pm; May 26, 27, June 1, 2, 4 at 7:30pm; May 28 at 8:30pm, May 29, June 5 at 6:00pm; May 30 at 7:00pm A Steady Rain Presented by CofC’s Center Stage, Keith Huff’s A Steady Rain explores the complexities of lifelong friendship, the questionable nature of […]

THEATRE SERIES: Pirates! The Revenge of Colonel Rhett

May 22, 27, 29, June 2, 4 at 6:00pm; May 31, June 6 at 3:00pm Pirates! The Revenge of Colonel Rhett It’s 1717 Charleston. Blood-thirsty, sea-going thieves hold thee hearts and lives of citizens for ransom! This one-act, musical “dramedy” romp with sword play reveals Colonel William Rhett and his quest to bring Stede Bonnet […]


May 22, 23 at 7:00pm; May 24 at 4:00pm In The Aviatrix, a young man, facing a crisis of the modern age, inherits his great aunt’s journals and discovers that she was a WWII aviatrix. After reliving her incredible journey as a female airline pilot, he finds solace in his own life. This solo show is […]


May 22, 23 at 8:00pm; May 25, June 3 at 7:30pm; May 28 at 6:00pm; May 29, June 5 at 8:30pm; May 30 at 4:00pm; May 31, June 6 at 5:30pm Breathe “Nothing short of eye opening” Charleston City Paper.  Brennen Reeves (2014 CofC Theatre alumnus) just wanted to be normal. The only problem: the fatal […]

PICCOLO FRINGE: The Complete History of Charleston for Morons

May 22 at 8:00pm, May 23 at 3:00pm, May 24 at 4:00pm, May 31 at 6:30pm and June 4 at 6:00pm The Complete History of Charleston for Morons Over 300 years of Lowcountry history in 60 minutes! A comedy history lesson accessible enough for morons to enjoy — forever answering the hard to ask questions […]

THEATRE SERIES: Charleston, The Musical

May 22, 23, 28, 29, 30, June 4, 5, 6 at 8:00pm; May 24, 31, June 7 at 3:00pm Charleston, The Musical Charleston, The Musical is a heart-warming, original story that unveils the evolution of the Charleston dance and captures the essence of the natives and sense of community that has been built through a […]

THEATRE SERIES: Ceremonies in Dark Old Men

May 22, 26, 29 at 8:00pm; May 23 at 5:00pm; May 30 at 3:00pm Ceremonies in Dark Old Men Ceremonies in Dark Old Men is a riveting play about a family striving to survive while entrapped by rituals of economic and spiritual dependence. These rituals impact their survival, friendship, and manhood, and challenge the myth […]


May 22, 23 at 8:00pm; May 23, 24 at 3:00pm The Flick A wry drama centered around three misfit employees mopping the floors and attending to one of the last 35 millimeter film projectors in a run-down movie theatre in central Massachusetts. A hilarious and heart-rending cry for authenticity in a fast-changing world, The Flick […]

PICCOLO FRINGE: Reformed Whores

May 22, 24 at 9:30pm; May 23 at 10:00pm; May 25 at 6:00pm; May 26 at 8:00pm; May 27 at 7:00pm Reformed Whores If Tenacious D and Dolly Parton got drunk and had a baby it would be the musical comedy duo, Reformed Whores! Southern bred, but NYC-based, Marie Cecile Anderson and Katy Frame deliver hilariously […]

THEATRE SERIES: Miss Nelson is Missing

May 23, 24, 25 at 2:00pm; May 30, June 6 at 11:00am Miss Nelson is Missing The kids in Room 207 are the wildest, most rambunctious class in the entire elementary school. Poor, sweet Miss Nelson doesn’t know what to do. Then, surprise! Miss Nelson turns up missing and the children must face the detention-loving, […]

THEATRE SERIES: Testament of Mary

May 23, 29, June 5 at 4:00pm Testament of Mary A lyrical and human portrait of a mother still awash in her grief and trying to come to terms with the meteoric rise to fame and devastating and complex loss of her son. PURE co-founder, artistic director and PURE core ensemble member Sharon Graci stars […]


May 23 at 4:30pm, May 25 at 8:00pm, May 27 at 5:00pm and May 29 at 6:00pm One Man Star Wars A one-hour, high energy, nonstop blast through the first three Star Wars films. The catch is, there’s only one cast member. Charles Ross, the writer and solo performer, spent too much of his childhood […]

PICCOLO FRINGE: Melanchomedy: Funny Scenes About Sad Folks

May 23 at 6:30pm & May 24 at 6:00pm Melanchomedy: Funny Scenes About Sad Folks Divorce, soul crushing day jobs, repressed sexuality, death; isn’t life HILARIOUS?! Cry ‘til you laugh with character comedian Jenn Dodd in this solo sketch comedy of tragedies narrated by This is Spinal Tap’s Tony Hendra. Melanchomedy is a dark, anthropological […]

PICCOLO FRINGE: The Have Nots! Comedy Improv Company

May 23 at 8:00pm; May 24 at 7:30pm; May 30 at 7:00pm; June 6 at 9:30pm The Have Nots! Comedy Improv Company No scripts! All improv! This high-energy show is entirely based on your audience suggestion so every show is different. Two lucky audience members will actually become part of the show. For the twentieth […]

THEATRE SERIES: The Last Five Years

May 23, 25, June 3, 4, 5, 6 at 8:00pm; May 24 at 5:00pm The Last Five Years An emotionally powerful and intimate musical about two New Yorkers in their twenties who fall in and out of love over the course of five years. The show’s unconventional structure consists of Cathy, the woman, telling her […]

PICCOLO FRINGE: One Man Lord of the Rings

May 24 at 2:00pm, May 26 at 6:00pm, May 28 at 7:00pm and May 30 at 5:00pm One Man Lord of the Rings Charles Ross performs J.R.R. Tolkien’s entire Lord of the Rings trilogy on stage, in one hour, completely by himself in this imaginative tour-de-force. Ross portrays 40 different characters, handles the special effects, […]

THEATRE SERIES: Sic Semper Tyrannis

May 24 at 2:00pm, May 26, June 5 at 8:00pm, May 28 at 6:00pm, May 30 at 4:00pm Sic Semper Tyrannis Fresh from its critically acclaimed, international debut, PURE co-founder Rodney Lee Rogers stars in this one-man, tour-de -force. Sic Semper Tyrannis is a breathtaking and explosive portrait of Edwin Booth. Booth was one of […]

THEATRE SERIES: The Princess and the Pea

May 27, June 3 at 2:00pm The Princess and the Pea The Queen will only allow her son Prince John to marry a young lady if she is a princess through and through. When the storm-tossed girl of his dreams shows up at the castle door, no one believes she is of royal blood. In […]

THEATRE SERIES: Illusions with Howard Blackwell

May 27, June 7 at 7:00pm; May 31 at 7:30pm; June 6, 7 at noon Illusions with Howard Blackwell Illusions is a theatrical performance featuring illusions woven with stories from the past. Blackwell puts his spin on the classics of magic and brings them into the modern era. Blackwell also adds an element of danger and […]

THEATRE SERIES: Hard Travelin’ with Woody

May 27, 28, 30 at 8:00pm, May 29 at 2:00pm Hard Travelin’ with Woody This critically acclaimed one-man show features Randy Noojin presenting the music and art of Woody Guthrie. Hop a boxcar through the Dustbowl with America’s iconic saint-of-the-workingman. The show takes place at a fictional union meeting of striking mine workers where Woody […]

PICCOLO FRINGE: Nameless Numberhead

May 27 at 8:30pm and May 31 at 5:00pm Nameless Numberhead Nameless Numberhead, a brand new sketch comedy duo transplanted from Chicago, IL to right here in Charleston, SC, which they now call home. The show features short comedic sketches interconnected to form one wild ride of laughter and nonsense. Think Portlandia, only Charleston-landia. They explore a host of […]


May 28, 29, June 3, 4 at 3:00pm Staged Readings Free staged readings of the 2015 Todd McNerney National Playwriting contest runner-up and winner. Venue CofC Theatre 220, 54 St. Philip St. Admission Free   Runner-up play being read on May 28 and May 29 Miranda by James Still James Still’s The House That Jack […]

THEATRE SERIES: Thrill Me: The Leopold & Loeb Story

May 28, 30 at 7:00pm; May 29, June 5 at 9:00pm; May 31 at 5:00pm; June 2 at 8:00pm Thrill Me: The Leopold & Loeb Story                      This daring and chilling two man musical explores the twisted relationship between Nathan Leopold and Richard Loeb, the real life ‘thrill killers’ of 1920s Chicago who committed one of the […]

THEATRE SERIES: Mark Twain’s Final Tour

May 28 and June 2 at 8:00pm Mark Twain’s Final Tour This season, on the 180th anniversary of Mark Twain’s birth, one of our most compelling and seasoned performer’s re-creates 1905 with this internationally acclaimed show. Writer and director Stan Gill delights audiences with selections that include visits from local interviewers, foreign tour guides, and […]


May 28 at 8:30pm, May 30 and 31 at 3:00pm The Slipknot In turns hysterical and heartbreaking, frantic and thoughtful, The Slipknot is a spellbinding comic monologue unlike any other. Journey with the incomparable TJ Dawe as he mans a giant truck, becomes the unhelpful voice on the other end of the phone line, and […]


May 29, June 2, 3 at 6:00pm; May 31 at 4:00pm; June 4 at 8:00pm No Child In Nilaja Sun’s remarkable, often riotously funny solo show, PURE core ensemble member Joy Vandervort-Cobb tackles more than 16 characters as a new drama teacher in a chaotic Bronx classroom of 10th graders. Based on the playwright’s first-hand […]


May 29 at 6:30pm; June 1, 6 at 7:00pm Intersection The College of Charleston Department of Theater and Dance and Annex Dance Company return to the Stelle di Domani Series with Intersection. This collaborative dance concert examines how professional and personal relationships and life events converge to inform the creative process. New and selected works include blended casts, […]

THEATRE SERIES: Twilight: Los Angeles 1992

May 29, June 5 at 7:00pm; May 30 at 9:00pm; June 6 at 3:00pm Twilight: Los Angeles 1992 From public officials, congresswomen, truck drivers, to singers and actors, Twilight: Los Angeles 1992 sheds light on those directly and indirectly affected by the 1992 Los Angeles Riots. In a collection of monologues derived from real testimonials, […]


May 29 at 8:00pm, June 5 at 8:30pm Improv Riot Improv parties where audience members laugh until it hurts. Come loaded with suggestions for the quick-witted Theatre 99 ensemble members who will take your suggestions…and rock out hilarious unscripted scenes. Guaranteed to make you laugh! Venue Theatre 99, 280 Meeting Street above The Bicycle Shoppe […]


May 29 at 8:00pm; May 30 at 2:00pm; May 31 at 7:00pm Moon City Miniature Curiosa returns to PURE Theatre following their Charleston debut with Tonight A Clown Will Travel Time(2014 Piccolo Spoleto Festival). Loosely based on the life of amusement park revolutionary Frederick Ingersoll, Moon City follows Ingersoll’s obsessive endeavor to create an impossible […]


May 29 at 10:00pm and May 30 at 9:00pm McQueen Whilst touring with Radiohead one fateful night in Miami, McQueen Adams impressed the band with an impersonation so fresh an idea was born. Adams has created a fusion of music, comedy, and video, which parodies pop stars, movies, and a variety of celebrities. It’s a […]

THEATRE SERIES: The Exonerated

May 30, June 7 at 3:00pm; May 31 at 2:00pm; June 3, 4, 6 at 7:00pm The Exonerated What effect does it have on an innocent person to have their freedom and self-respect stripped away and then, ostensibly, returned years later after decades of incarceration? Culled from interviews, letters, transcripts, case files and the public […]

STELLE DI DOMANI SERIES: The Emerging Artists’ Dance Concert

May 30 at 3:00pm; May 31 at 6:00pm The Emerging Artists’ Dance Concert The Emerging Artists’ Dance Concert showcases the creative spirit of both current student and recent graduates from the College of Charleston’s Department of Theatre and Dance. This concert celebrates the connection between alumni and the Department, and promotes creativity between professional and emerging dance artists. […]

DANCE: Charleston City Ballet: Beauty and the Beast

May 30, 31 at 7:00pm Charleston City Ballet presents Beauty and the Beast Charleston City Ballet returns to Piccolo Spoleto to present the Charleston premiere of the classic tale Beauty and the Beast. An arrogant prince is cursed to live as a beast. A beautiful daughter frees her father and agrees to live with the monstrous beast in his […]

DANCE: great gig DANCE Company

Sat., May 30, 8:00pm great gig Dance Company From Kennesaw, Georgia, under the direction of Tammy Everhart, great gig DANCE is a pre-professional performing group of young dancers specializing in Jazz, Modern, Ballet, and Tap dance. The ensemble provides performance opportunities for the dancers to share their abilities and love for the arts with local […]

PICCOLO FRINGE: Upright Citizens Brigade TourCo

May 30 and June 5 at 10:30pm, May 31 at 8:00pm, June 3 at 8:30pm, June 4 at 9:00pm, June 6 at 7:30pm Upright Citizens Brigade TourCo UCB TourCo brings the best improv comedians from the legendary Upright Citizens Brigade Theatres in New York and Los Angeles to new audiences all around the country. The […]

DANCE: Annex Dance: The Path Taken

Tues., June 2, 7:30pm Annex Dance In this site-specific piece commissioned specifically for the City Gallery, The Path Taken  takes patrons through a unique performance of dance, music, and visual arts. With an original score by highly regarded composer Michael Wall patrons will have the chance to move through the gallery to see different sections […]

PICCOLO FRINGE: Hype Squad & F*%cking Identical Twins

June 3 at 7:00pm                                                                              Hype Squad & F*%cking Identical Twins                               A double-bill for mature audiences only. […]

PICCOLO FRINGE: Stuckey & Murray

June 4 at 7:30pm, June 5 at 7:00pm, June 6 at 6:00pm Stuckey & Murray Since erecting their empire 13 years ago, comedy-music duo Stuckey & Murray have won the affection of millions by becoming semi-finalists on NBC’s Last Comic Standing and appearing on HBO’s Funny as Hell, The Chelsea Handler Show and Cash Cab. […]