Piccolo Spoleto Crafts Exhibition

Over seven days, some of the finest crafts artists and artisans in the local area and Southeast region present and make available for purchase exquisite jewelry, one-of-a-kind wearables, unique art objects in clay, glass, metal, and wood, photography and prints, and special gift items.

Dates  |  May 24 – May 27
|   May 31 – June 2

Fridays & Saturdays 10:00am – 6:00pm; Sundays 11:00am – 5:00pm; Monday 10:00am – 5:00pm

Venue  |  Wragg Square

Address  |  Meeting Street, between Charlotte Street & Ashmead Place

Admission  |  Free

A Look Back

This Year Features the Following Crafters

May 31-June 2 Features

Ceramicists: Colleen Williams, Shari Olson, Anne John, Ed Bryan, Laura Scariano, Myra Bowie, and Elizabeth Borowsky. Woodworkers John Kirkpatrick and Daniel Diehl.

Jewelers: Lynn Burcher, Barbara Umbel, Diane Marksz, Mel Barnes, Charles Cecil, Charles Pinkney, Caroline Sandlin, Sharon Wilson, Cynthia McFadden, Jo Ann Graham, Shelby Parbel, and Tammy Rudd.

5/31 and 6/1 10am-6pm, 6/2 11am-5pm features:

Metalsmiths: Jim Clark, Adam Gilbert, and Tess Aksamitova. Sculptors: Chatchakorn Sonday and Eric Moore.

Fiber artists: Uzo Ezekwudo, Jen Swearington, Susan Livingston, Anikka Becker, Zoe Foat, Mary Kunze, Susan Marling, Anita Gounden, and Nick Kulmala.

Glass medium: Cheryl Carlson, Karen Earnhardt, Robin McNair, and Gail Anastasio. Leather crafter Mikiko Kory.

Mixed media: Deane Bowers, Nancy Michael Susaneck, Shirin Rothermel, John Donehue Jr., and Sarah Hartung.