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Visual Arts at Piccolo Spoleto

Watch this space for Piccolo Spoleto Visual Arts updates including the winners of the Piccolo Spoleto Outdoor Art Exhibition and Annual Fine Craft Show.

Winners of the Piccolo Spoleto Outdoor Art Exhibition

Mayors Award
Amelia Rose Smith -“Ready to Eat”

Ready to Eat, Amelia Rose Smith

First Place
Setsuko Lawson – “Forest”

Setsuko Lawson, Forest

Second Place
KC Collins – “Current”

KC Collins, Current

Third Place
Scott Henderson – “Dawn in the Lowcountry”

Scott Henderson, Dawn in the Lowcountry

Merit Awards
Carl Turner – “Beaufort Bungalow No. 4”
Jan Sasser – “Sharp Eye”
Steven Hyatt – “83 Meeting Street”
Mary Segars – “Swans in Early Morning”
John Michiels -“Philip Simmons 3”

Honorable Mentions
Deborah Hill – “Abandoned Beach”
Honor Marks – “Minnow 2”
Victoria Ellis – “Swims with Fishes”
Marissa Vogl – “Don’t Wait for Me”
Laurie Meyer – “Boone Hall Creek”

Piccolo Spoleto Craft Show Awards, May 24-26

Best in Show:  Jean Yao a basketmaker from Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Best in Show Craft

First Place: Addelle Sanders, a fiber artist from Charleston, SC.

Craft Show First Place

Second Place: Doug Richard, a wood turner from Satsuma, FL

Craft Show Second Place

Third Place: Christie May, a jeweler from Palm Beach, FL.

Craft Show Third Place

Click here to see the full list of Craft Show Winners and Honorable Mentions.