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Piccolo Fringe at Theatre 99

Reformed Whores

Ages 18+ Only

If Tenacious D and Dolly Parton got drunk and had a baby, you’d get the delightfully twangy & hilariously filthy musical comedy duo Reformed Whores! Southern bred, but NYC based, Katy Frame & Marie Cecile Anderson have been featured on IFC, PBS, CBS, and many other three-letter network. They received critical acclaim during their international debut at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2017.

Improv Riot

Some of the funniest improv you’ll see anywhere. Theatre 99 is Charleston’s year round home for improv comedy where audiences come to laugh until it hurts. Bring your suggestions for the quick-witted Theatre 99 ensemble members who will take your suggestions…and rock out hilarious unscripted scenes. Guaranteed to make you laugh!

Nameless Numberhead

Nameless Numberhead is a sketch comedy duo from Charleston, SC with a post-apocalyptic vaudeville vibe. Running all lighting and sound elements from the stage, their show is a character driven satire about you and the weird routines and habits you exhibit everyday. Self identified as surveillance chic, Nameless Numberhead exposes our obsession with voyeurism of the mundane. It’s an absurd lesson on society you won’t want to miss. Unless you do want to miss it, in which case, that’s fine. Live your life.

Clean Improv Show

Ages 12 and Up

Have you ever been to an improv show and thought, “I’d love to bring my parents or my 12 year old, but it’s just not clean enough for them”? Well, now we’ve got you covered! Theatre 99 is presenting a one hour hilarious short form show that is clean as a whistle. No need to take cover from “F” bombs. This show is chock-full of fun and is just as side-splittingly funny as what you’ve come to expect here at Theatre 99. All improv – all based on your suggestions.

The Have Nots!

No scripts! All improv! This high-energy comedy improv show is entirely based on your audience suggestion so every show is different and has been running for 23 years. The Have Nots! will perform their unique brand improv comedy AND you never know who will join them on the stage! Come find out why critics say “The Have Nots! have it!”

The Complete History of Charleston for Morons

“Over 300 years of Lowcountry history in 60 minutes! A comedy history lesson accessible enough for morons to enjoy. — forever answering the hard to ask questions like: Which is better – mustard based or vinegar based barbeque? What took Mel Gibson so long to join the Continental Army? The Charleston City Paper says the Morons “dazzle the audience with their ignorance.” ”

One Man Star Wars

From Farm Boy to Fan Boy – The Force is strong with this one. Canadian actor and uber geek, Charles Ross, brings his solo madcap creation One-Man Star Wars Trilogy to the 2018 Piccolo Fringe. Ross retells the classic bad hair trilogy in 60 minutes- no costumes, no props, no sets- all the characters, the music, the ships, and the battles. If your kid’s name is Chewbacca, this show is a no-brainer. If not, get your nerd on and experience the global sensation. Directed by TJ Dawe.

Mary Kay Has a Posse

Ages 18+ Only

They’re back! Charleston’s original all-female improv comedy group! Part talk show format (similar to The View), part long form improv, ALL funny! Bitingly witty, unpredictable, and politically incorrect the ladies of “Posse Talk” break all the rules. “An unforgettable night of laughing ’til your face hurts.”- Charleston City Paper
If you are easily offended or feel that a woman’s place is in the kitchen, stay home.

One Man Stranger Things

Charles Ross (of the One Man Star Wars & LotR) and fringe legend, TJ Dawe, parody the Netflix smash series, Stranger Things. Prepare to have your upside down turned right side up. If this show doesn’t have you laughing until you bleed out your nose, like 11, nothing will.

One Man Pride & Prejudice

Charles Ross, (One Man Star Wars, LoTR, Batman) and Lisa Hebden tackle the greatest romantic comedy ever: the intrigue, dancing, proposals, lace (did we mention the lace?) are given the one-man once-over. We hope to see you rolling in the aisles (not Jane Austen rolling in her grave).

Improvised Seinfeld

Direct from their run of sold out shows at the UCB theatre in New York City, the hilarious comedy group Bellevue will improvise an entirely new episode of Seinfeld. That’s right Seinfeld fans – it’s like watching a live taping of the show based on your audience suggestion. You have to see it to believe it! This show is real, and it’s spectacular!

One Man Dark Knight:
A Batman Parody

Why do we fall? To learn how much body-padding we need. From the madmen behind One Man Star Wars and One Man Lord of the Rings (Charles Ross and TJ Dawe) comes an irreverent homage to the Dark Knight Trilogy. Two-faced super-nerd, Charles Ross, lovingly tears Christopher Nolan’s masterpiece a new one in his solo show One Man Dark Knight: A Batman Parody. No costumes, no sets, no Batmobiles- Ross takes you on a one hour joyride, from the caped crusader’s origins to his epic battles against Gotham’s super-villains. This town deserves a better class of parody, and Ross is going to make sure you get it. “Why so serious?”